Baby, Bees, Bikes, & Blogging

It’s been a while, and I know i’m a huge social media/blogging slacker, so I’m making the goal to clean up my act. I always look up friend and family blogs and think “Why don’t they update their blog more, I want to see what they’re up to!” and then I remember that I NEVER update this blog, and I have no room to talk. So at least for now, especially now that baby #1 is on her way, I’m making a decided effort to blog and document more. So here goes…

I have missed way to much of the year to try and go back and update, so I’m starting fresh with a little baby fun update. I am now 22 weeks along and am feeling great! Little Baby Monsen is expected January 20, 2013, and we are so excited. This whole thing has pushed me into an almost forced nesting mode and I am trying, to my husband’s great dismay, to put my house together (yes we’ve lived here 3+ years and I still have not ‘moved into’ the entire house). Our front room is a COMPLETE disaster—used to house our bikes, random furniture, and all our beekeeping equipment. The future nursery is Todd’s current ‘room’ (or office) and he’s getting the boot. Poor guy has to live with all the random baby stuff I’ve been picking up and everything is completely unorganized. I have beautiful dreams of getting these 2 rooms completely redecorated and put together in the next few months, so we’ll see if I can actually follow through. I did buy a beautiful couch for the front room, and am hoping that I can get it somewhat pretty before the couch arrives.

Here is what the current front room looks like…

I’m embarrassed by that. This is my inspiration for the big redo…

So if anyone knows of where I can get a great deal on pretty much everything in this image, I will be so grateful. I want to practice some of my DIY furnishing skills (which are none right now) for the chairs and accent furniture, and need an extremely large rug to cover the 40+ year old carpet that currently resides in the room. Should be fun, right? (To view the whole post of the room makeover pictured above, click HERE)

Next is the nursery. Below is a pic of my inspiration- (more pictures can be found HERE). This seems to be a pretty trendy style right now, but since I never decorate anything else in my house, I figure why not be a little trendy. I’m the only one that’s going to see it, right?

I’ve been able to pick up a few items here and there, but am now mainly looking for a cool old dresser to remake and possibly a bookshelf. I think I’m a little ambitious in all this, and will probably just end up buying it somewhere…

Yesterday was a big day and Todd and I ordered a crib and bought our stroller/car seat. One thing I have concluded in my limited baby shopping experience- there is WAY too much baby stuff out there. Too many options, styles, colors, prices, everything. I don’t think Todd will go into another baby store for a while. We’re pretty happy with what we got though, but I think I’m going to exchange the stroller we got for a different color- I’m already hating the tan and I haven’t even opened the box yet. The gray seems much better to me for some reason…

And here is the crib…

Here is a pic of me at 22 weeks. Please forget that I do own a nice camera but chose to use my crappy cell phone camera because I am too lazy to plug the nice one in to transfer the pictures…

A few weeks ago we had a little party to find out the gender of our little guy. My super awesome sister made a blue and a pink cake (since she didn’t know the gender either until right before the big cake cutting) Since I was so convinced the baby was a boy, Mimi made a special effort to make that cake look wonderful- a beautiful glass serving tray, perfectly symmetrical and frosted. The girl cake was on a tupperware lid and was unfortunately succumbing to gravity on one side. Needless to say we were both really surprised when my baby boy turned out to be a girl, but it was perfect anyway. We ended up eating both cakes, and I’m pretty sure they were the most delicious thing I have ever tasted. Mimi is the best at desserts.

I’m so glad we were able to have so many good friends and family there that night (I was a HUGE slacker and didn’t take any pics) and it was so much fun.

I made the invitations with my special gocco screen printer, and practiced more of my newly learned skill of calligraphy. I have a long way to go, but they were fun invitations to make.

Again, crappy cell phone camera shots, but it’s all I have. Dallas thought the baby was a boy too, and brought us some congratulatory blue bubble gum cigars.

Until next time- hopefully a post that will share many successes of my decorating endeavors (and bees since I didn’t get to it today). Happy Sunday.

3 thoughts on “Baby, Bees, Bikes, & Blogging

  1. Haley Hill says:

    Yay I’m glad you updated, I love seeing what people are up to and get ticked when they don’t update more! First of all, I know how you feel about so much baby stuff out there and deciding what to get! It’s overwhelming!

    And we are looking at getting the same travel system too but we might end up getting a frame for the car seat and then getting some sort of jogger that we can use as a regular stroller. I have gone back and forth about it so maybe we should talk about it!

    The inspiration pics you like are awesome! I love the colors and it looks great. I would recommend checking KSL obsessively for a dresser and then be willing to drop everything and go pick it up asap if you find one you love! Good, cheap dressers go super fast on KSL but we have found some good stuff there too!

    Yay for babies coming!

  2. Haley Hill says:

    Ooh I’m a stalker but I forgot to tell you to look at Rugs USA for awesome and cheap rugs! They ALWAYS have sales and I just got a sweet rug for the nursery for 75% off so just find one you like then wait a while and chances are, it will go on sale! You can sign up for their email updates to see the sales. And they have free shipping!

  3. Kaley Waite says:

    FINALLY! There is so much for you to talk about and you never put it on here 🙂 I’m so excited that you are turning a new leaf. Basically everything Haley said I agree with, KSL is great, if you have a day off I would really look on KSL then, so that you can pick up and go check it out whenever, because they do go pretty fast. IKEA even has some pretty cheap ones too, the only problem is they are pretty cheap sometimes, which is perfect for a baby’s room!
    As for rugs I found a plain white one at IKEA for $40.00 and painted it and have a custom rug that was cheaper then anything else I found, they also had a bigger one there for $60.00. I love doing all this stuff and if you need help or want help I am avaliable. I have also covered a chair too and it was really rewarding!!! I would love to help with that too, if you need it. YAY for baby girls!!! YAY for decorating!!

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