We Can Finally See!

Well, this week has been full of random home improvement projects. Yesterday I hit it big at the DI and got some great items for the house- images and descriptions to come.

Our biggest event this week was FINALLY cutting down 2 huge trees that have overtaken the front of the house, and ripped down an old wheelchair ramp that led up to the front porch. Todd was able to get a few of the young men from our ward to help with cutting down the trees, then had my cousins and uncle help with moving it into the trailer. It was definitely a big project, made more difficult by the massive yellow jacket nest that has overtaken the front porch. It has been such a nightmare trying to get rid of these things, and the entrance to the nest is so small we can’t really get to it with any sprays or traps. We haven’t been able to use the front door in forever, and I’m hoping we can kill every last one of them as soon as possible. The latest suggestion… just put on your bee suits, pull the platform off (the last part of the ramp we weren’t able to remove because of the yellow jackets) and hit the nests with sticks. Then they’ll go away. I’m thinking that sounds just a LITTLE bit dangerous, and I kind of like my husband and don’t want him to be swarmed by thousands of angry yellow jackets. But that’s just me.

If anyone has a great solution for this problem, we would love to hear it.

Here are some before/after pics of the house…

Oh yeah- there are 2 windows behind each of those trees. It is wonderful actually getting light in the house again!!

Tada! We still have A LOT of cleanup to do (much hindered by those dirty yellow jackets), but this has been a good push for me to follow through on all my ‘someday projects’. Please ignore the dead lawn as well.

The entrance to the horrible nest… I want it gone and I want those yellow jackets dead.

And to end on a happy note- here I am at 23 weeks. This dress was an attempt at developing my domestic sewing skills, but as you can see I cut it a little short… thank goodness for Fancy Slips! This thing has already been such a great lifesaver for all those cute dresses that are just a little too short. Check out the website– the owner is local and is super nice!

One thought on “We Can Finally See!

  1. Sayward says:

    What a difference removing those 2 trees and ramp makes! Its looking great. Crazy how motivated you get when you start “nesting” huh? You are looking great by the way and I will need to look into those slips next time I am in UT.

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