October + November + December

Well the past few months have flown by, and I am already only 6 weeks from my due date. Yikes! I figured I better do a little catching up so I can be up to date when little baby Monsen gets here (she has no name yet, poor kid).

Pictures are easiest- so here are a bunch:

This room is now pretty much all put together. It’s so nice to finally have a clean from room!SAM_0052

Last night at the Christensen Family party- Grandpa gave all of his kids one of his ‘crazy jars’SAM_0050SAM_0049Todd drew the number ‘1’ for the white elephant game and was so excited to get these headlamps. Go hubby for thinking about our emergency preparedness!

SAM_0047 SAM_0045 SAM_0044

Friend baby shower. These 2 awesome girls threw it for me, and it was so much fun! We decorated onesies and made adorable headbands.  SAM_0040SAM_0039 SAM_0038 SAM_0036 SAM_0035 SAM_0034

Family baby shower- this is me at 33 weeks by the way.  SAM_0030SAM_0029 SAM_0028 SAM_0025

And we finally made it to a Utah football game this season. Too bad they had such a rough year…SAM_0017


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