It’s starting to hit me now that we’re actually moving (let’s hope… we haven’t officially closed yet!) I’ve really been dragging my feet on getting anything ready, but thought today that I want to tie up loose ends before we leave. One of those loose ends is blogging. I want to be all caught up before we move so I can make a fresh start in the new house. The other loose end is getting rid of anything we don’t need, so if anyone is on the market for a new dining table/chairs, a gliding ottoman, popcorn popper, or electric omelet maker just let me know!

Here’s what was going on in the Monsen house back in February…


My Nephew, Ascher, was in the hospital and we were so sad we couldn’t be there to see him. This was our attempt at a get well card, but June just wasn’t having it.

SAM_0223 June is so adorable with Todd. She’ll always give him a big grin whenever he gets home from work, and it just melts my heart.

SAM_0212This is June’s first experience (of many) with fancy Sunday dresses. She’s looks a little skeptical to me.

SAM_0198Check it out! June is finally big enough for the Bjorn! Big day for us…

021413_0051SMWe finally graduated form the giant green pacifier from the hospital to this little cutie. She loves the paci… and so do we!


I can’t help but creep and take pictures while she sleeps. She’s just so sweet and peaceful. I have about a million photos already

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