March was a fun month for us. I feel like June was finally big enough for us to feel more comfortable taking her out and being around people. 


SAM_0237Pigtails for the first time!

SAM_0251She’s so dainty and proper with her hands. It cracks me up


SAM_0252Bath time in the sink! I keep forgetting to get a tub for our regular tub, so until I do, she’s stuck with the sink. She’s so big now that all the water drains out hen I out her in!



The crates that would have been the chicken coop



Blessing Day!! 



The bees survived the winter! Now we just have to figure out how to get them to Kaysville, yikes!


Easter in Kanosh is the best. We had so much fun, and June got to go for her first Easter Egg Hunt!SAM_0318SAM_0319

SAM_0321 SAM_0339



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