The last month has been nothing short of crazy. We moved into the new house, Todd started Physical Therapy school at the U, and we had a rough pet week which included Potato making a desperate attempt to escape and our bees swarming in our backyard. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to some summer fun… plans include St. George, Cherry Hills, and lots of walks around the new neighborhood. Here are a few pics of June and the new house…


Can you say adorable? June is finally tolerating her bumbo, which is awesome. Her hair is starting to grow in lighter, and she even has a few blonde patches in the back. It’s kind of a crazy mess, but I love it. Notice how her hair on the left side is WAY longer than the right? Yep.


To say that June hates tummy time would be an understatement. This precious pic was taken about 5 seconds before she started getting ticked.


Still sleeping with her hands in the air…

And now onto the house:


Please disregard the sleeping baby in the middle of the floor. I didn’t want to move her since she was actually on her tummy.


Master bedroom- I have big plans including crown molding, wainscoting, and a heck of a lot of new fabrics, drapes, and decor. Don’t tell Todd.


June’s room. I must say, I love how this turned out, even though the room is actually T.I.N.Y. The wide angle lens makes all these pics look much larger than reality.



The office. Gross. And yes, that is a garbage can as the computer chair. Now you can see why this room needs some desperate attention.


We decided after much deliberation to move the office to the downstairs family room, just so we can keep this open as a guest bedroom and future kiddo bedroom. That way we can do this… (or something like it)


I also have big dream plans for the main family room… how cool would those columns look?!LivingRoom

Bathroom dreams…


Well that’s it for now. Next time… the big bee swarm. It was a nightmare, but I got some cool pics.

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