March • 2015

Maybe this year I’ll be better about blogging. Here’s what is going on now…

Christian is chubbing up and is all smiles. He loves to be held and wrapped in warm blankets. We are going on 6/6 full nights of sleep, and we are rejoicing. Not that it was that bad before. He would wake up around 3 or 4, then sleep the rest of the night, but it sure is nice to that those few extra hours of uninterrupted sleep. His hair is growing exactly like June’s and I’m nervous I’ll never be able to cut it. I’ve been able to exclusively nurse him, which is amazing, with lots to spare. I think I’m nearing the 600 oz. mark of frozen milk, which makes me almost giddy since I had such a hard time with June.

June is a piece of work. Super sassy, and the biggest tease. She know’s now when she’s being a pill and will call herself a stinker all the time with that mischievous smile of hers. I still can’t take a photo of her doing anything natural, because the moment she sees a camera she wants to look at it. She loves nursery and can count to 10 (minus 5 and 8). She is starting to get better at identifying colors, and is great at matching animals to the sound they make. She had a great time this weekend riding her bike around the neighborhood for the first time, and this morning I found her in her bed wearing her church shoes. She loves to dress up 😉


Mar201503   Mar201502




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