Texas Part 2: The House

The only other time I had seen our house was back in March when I went to Waco on my own to look at homes with our realtor. I had only actually been inside for about 15 minutes, but I knew it was the one. It didn’t need a lot of work- which was exactly what we were looking for. Waco is a great place to buy really affordable houses and fix them up, but with us moving from out of state and both starting full time jobs as soon as we got here, an intense renovation was unfortunately out of the question. That didn’t mean we weren’t willing to do a few projects in a new house, and our Chapman Road home is the perfect medium.

When we bought the home, the paint in every room was definitely not my style. It was a different color in every room and made it look even darker than it already is (although nice for keeping it cool, there are no windows that get direct sunlight which can make it seem a little gloomy). We wanted something that could brighten it up and make the house look more cohesive. This was REALLY tricky. We were 1300 miles away and picking colors that may or may not look the same in a completely different space. We took a huge chance and found a few samples. When Todd drove down on his own to close on the house he painted samples on the wall and through a facetime phone call we narrowed it down. We had an excellent painter come and paint the entire house. No small feat because in some rooms the ceilings are SUPER high- one reason we decided to have painters come in rather than try to do it ourselves. No furniture to move, empty house, new carpets being installed the next week, ideal painting conditions!

Here is a before of the office…




Before Kitchen…




Next project was figuring out what to do about the NASTY carpets in the dining, office, and bedrooms. Backstory… this home is almost 20 years old, and they had white, 2″ shag carpets in high traffic areas of the house. And they had dogs. Needless to say, we really wanted to make a change. At least in the bedrooms. I was concerned about my kids sleeping in rooms with that carpet (all the crazy things that can live in carpets, and all) so we decided to replace the bedroom carpets now and figure something out for the dining and office down the line (maybe paint the concrete underneath?) I would have loved to put wood floors or something in, but that sadly couldn’t be an option, so I went with a really light patterned carpet to keep things really bright. Looking back, I wish I could have picked it out in person, because the carpet is REALLY light and I am constantly nervous about staining, but you live and learn, and all-in-all I really love it.


We’ve never had a master bathroom, so to have this in the new house has pretty much been a dream come true. I mean, look at all that storage!!! The closet (through those double doors and behind the vanities) spans the length of the bathroom, which gives us even MORE storage! And I’m definitely utilizing it. All our canned food storage is packed in there, and it’s so great.


The next time Todd was at the house (poor guy was going back and forth from TX to UT for about a month), he was able to facetime and show me the ‘finished’ product. The paint color we picked is beautiful. BUT… and that’s a big but, it really emphasized the CREAM moulding that runs throughout the entire house (and sadly is the color of ALL the cabinetry). Because of this weird combo, the paint in some lighting and rooms looks 100% baby blue, and I was horrified. I had that terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach that I’d just wasted all that time and money having my entire house painted the wrong color. It drove me nuts and poor Todd had to listen to me plot and plan trying to figure out a solution. Luckily, there was one and it is relatively simple. Paint all the moulding in the house white. I started in the kitchen and family room and you wouldn’t believe the difference it makes! Now the wall color is PERFECT and I can rest at night knowing that I didn’t completely botch this house. Downside to this plan? There is so much moulding in our house! It will be a slow project, but I won’t stop until all the unsightly cream in our house is a perfect, crisp white. Including the kitchen cabinets- but don’t tell Todd, because I don’t know if he realizes that’s part of my diabolical plan to fix the paint shade…

There will be many late nights, and lots of netflix and podcasts.

(Notice how yellow the built in cabinets and crown moulding look compared to the baseboards?)


Additional projects we’ve been doing around the house:

  • Repainting all the blue cabinet hardware in the kitchen and bathrooms (not shown in the kitchen photos because I already removed them).
  • Replaced the blue pendant lights with the beautiful globe pendants I bought from Wayfair.com
  • Window treatments. Sad story- I bought all the curtain rods and curtains, paid to have them shipped, then realized I forgot to add all the rod hardware to my order. Ugh.

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