Disneyland Part 1- The Beach

It really is the happiest place on earth- even with crazy kids and cranky adults (jk fam…). I think I need to go back as soon as possible. Anyone know of any good deals???

Well, the first thing we had to do once we finally got to Cali (all nighter driving party including a pit stop in Mesquite for a little roulette) was see the beach. The girls had never seen the ocean before so it was pretty fun to snap some shots of them in all their excited glory…

They were having a great time until they realized how cold the water was… ha ha

This is one of the 3 photos I’m in out of the whole trip… not my best.

All in all it was awesome. Good call on the trip mom and dad- I’m looking forward to the next one!!

(Pictures of the actual Disneyland portion of the Disneyland trip coming soon…)


I love going through my old photos of my time in Europe. I miss it more everyday, and cherish the photos I captured while there. During this particular perusal, I noticed I have a lot of photos of ‘collections’. I think I like these shots because I admire that the people responsible for these collections cared enough to create them. It makes me wish I could be a little better at holding on to things that I enjoy, instead of allowing them to be crowded out.

Here’s to a new year. Just like one of my favorite childhood characters said,

“Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it.”